#490 – How To Let Go Of What’s Not Working

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How To Let Go Of What’s Not Working

“Life is a constant dance between order and chaos.”
Make room for growth by learning how to let go of what’s not working. This is something that most of us encounter especially if we have a goal in mind that we’re trying to be very consistent with. There will come a time that these goals will no longer work as well as you’d want it to, so what do you need to do? Stay tuned.

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Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[1:02] Waking up, sleeping hours, and letting go
[4:10] Letting go of something that’s not working
[6:10] Be open to change
[8:50] Progress over process
[10:11] Airplane on the runway analogy
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[17:45] How to know what’s not working
[20:34] For anyone feeling “stuck” in an inefficient goal, what do they need to do?
[24:52] $50 giveaway — it’s so easy to join
[25:50] Final tips for our listeners
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[27:07] Outro

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