Why You Should Stop Skipping The Important Sh**

Here’s another fire episode for all of you and another topic that we are passionate about — our non-negotiables. These are the things that we do on a day-to-day basis that are essential to our personal development journey. We encourage you to start your own list of non-negotiables and to start simple. We promise you, once you consistently do it on a daily, you’ll notice a world of difference.

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Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[1:02] Why are we doing this episode?
[2:42] Our non-negotiables
[5:39] Why is it important to not miss?
[7:13] Do you want to level up in life, love, and wealth? Join us
[8:43] Negotiating a non-negotiable 
[11:09] Giveaway!
[11:56] Join the Next Level Mastermind every Monday, 6 PM EST and get around next level people
[12:56] Exciting news about our website
[13:38] Outro

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