Learning  Self-love with Gina Swire

Today’s episode is another one for the books. We interviewed Gina Swire who is a self-love mentor, speaker, coach, and manifesting queen. She wants to get the message of self-love across to as many women (and men) as possible because it’s there, just buried beneath insecurities and self-doubt. In this episode, we talked about her modeling experience, her breakthrough, purging, validation and so much more.

Learn more about Gina’s program and more way to work with her:
Website: www.ginaswire.com

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Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[0:43] Guest intro
[1:37] Gina Swire: her past, almost being mute, plus-size modeling
[7:40] On having a tough relationship with oneself
[10:09] Wanting to be different than who you are
[11:38] Following the breadcrumbs
[16:43] On leaving the modeling job and what it felt like for Gina?
[20:27] Has Gina always been spiritually guided?
[24:11] Emotional pain and purging
[26:50] The constipation of the energy field
[27:50] Do you want to level up in life, love, and wealth? Join us
[28:20] How to love yourself and not look/sound arrogant?
[30:59] More feminine leaders, FTW
[32:55] Gina’s take on ego
[37:27] Where did Gina get her validation in the past?
[40:09] Where does Gina get her significance now?
[43:33] Gina’s message to young kids wanting to look like someone else
[45:35] On creating a void, the purpose, and the feeling
[50:07] The indicators of someone who isn’t aligned with their higher self
[54:59] More about Gina’s program, retreat, and book
[56:50] Gina’s important advice to help you get to your next level     
[57:30] Outro

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