The Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Yourself – Live Mastermind

It’s another special mastermind episode as we share our best practices when it comes to creating, honing, and improving your relationship with yourself. We give you more than 10 ways to do that, and while we don’t recommend doing all of them at once, it would be great if you start with at least one today. Any of these activities will be a great gift that you can give yourself. So what’s holding you back?

Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[1:01] #1 The power of positive affirmation
[4:32] The key with affirmations
[5:51] #2 Your promises are either going to build or lower your self-esteem
[7:43] The higher your self-esteem the higher you raise the bar
[8:26] #3 Focus on small wins
[10:54] How often are you giving yourself credit? 
[13:00] #4 Dominant questions
[15:39] Where are you asking yourself bad questions without knowing it?
[16:39] #5 Meditation
[18:27] Where and how often are you sitting in silence?
[20:15] #6 Breathwork
[24:10] Where might you have trauma?
[25:14] Do you want to level up in life, love, and wealth? Join us now!
[25:44] #7 Admitting hard truths
[28:31] What is one small/difficult truth that you can admit to yourself?
[31:39] #8 Purpose prayer
[34:37] Alan shares his purpose prayer
[38:19] #9 Forgive yourself and others
[40:25] What and who have you not forgiven?
[41:35] 2 analogies you can contemplate on 
[45:04] #10 Morning mindset workout
[47:15] What are you conditioning yourself?
[47:48] Get around people that have great relationships with themselves
[52:51] A few reminders from Amy
[53:45] Outro

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