#471 – Abundance & Filling The Void with David Meltzer

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Abundance and Feeling the Void with David Meltzer

“We need to pay attention and give intention to the intuition that we have, that we want, and cancel the ones that we don’t. There’s no need to access what we don’t want.” – David Meltzer

In today’s episode, we give you another preview of how our amazing mentor, David Meltzer coaches us. We always have great sessions with him, but this would probably go down as one of our favorites. We talked about egos, voids, intuition, abundance, and so much more.
Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[1:20] Being one with the universe
[3:19] Abundance vs. resistance
[5:32] Void, shortages, and obstacles
[7:29] On detaching from the outcome
[9:39] God answers in 3 ways
[11:34] What should people do when they are “in the waiting”?
[14:49] Is intuition your higher self talking to you?   
[13:42] Do you want to level up in life, love, and wealth? Join us now
[16:35] Alan sharing his visions
[20:23] On egos and flare-ups
[24:50] Learning from a spectrum of truth and philosophy
[29:08] Reconciling ego and abundance 
[32:34] Outro

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