#467 – Are Your Friends Holding You Back?

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Are Your Friends Holding You Back?

In our last episode, Kevin gave a bonus leadership lesson that we wanted to expound on and that is lifters vs. leaners. This could be your friends, your family members, or anyone who is part of your life. But just to make it clear, we do not mean for you to end your friendships with the leaners, rather, we would love for you to truly understand this concept and apply it to your life more effectively.

Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[1:12] Lifters vs. leaners
[2:31] The end goal of this episode: is it to break friendships?
[3:36] How to figure out the lifters and leaners in your life
[5:15] It’s important to understand that there are seasons
[6:41] Do you want to level up? Join us.
[7:30] On determining how a person can be part of your life
[9:15]  The rule of three
[11:48] Creating a void
[12:36] Understand the long-term benefit and detriment of having lifters and leaners, respectively
[14:03] What to do if you don’t have extraordinary people in your life?
[16:03] Outro

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