#463 – How To Have A Successful Relationship with Pripo Teplitsky – Live Mastermind

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#463 – How To Have A Successful Relationship with Pripo Teplitsky – Live Mastermind

As if the mastermind isn’t special on its own, we’re making it extra with a very special guest who taught us so much about relationships. Pripo Teplitsky helps people gain tools and insight so you can have a great relationship and live life authentically. We hammered on a lot of topics but mostly revolving around relationships and staying in one. The participants of this week’s mastermind truly enjoyed this conversation with Pripo so we invite all of you to join our mastermind every Monday, 6 PM EST.

Where to find Pripo Teplitsky:
Website: www.pripo.com
Podcast: pripo.com/aboutthepodcast

What we talked about:
[0:00] Introduction
[1:38] What advice would Pripo give to someone who is single?
[3:30] Habits that will make your relationship better
[6:50] The most common patterns that people get tripped on?
[9:37] On opening up to your partner
[14:40] Shame and guilt in relationships
[19:08] Heartbreak, attachment, and pain
[20:44] Communicating stress to someone who is already stressed out
[21:49] “Registering my cup”
[24:50] Advice for couple’s who wake up and no longer recognize each other
[28:43] True life story of couples who almost lost their relationship, but managed to work it out
[31:42] Intimacy and losing passion along the way
[34:52] Advice to children who carry pain from the unconscious choices of parents
[38:19] The right questions to ask yourself during difficult moments
[43:05] What is up with breathwork and making us vulnerable?
[45:07] On living and dealing with trauma
[48:27] Who is the most influential person for Pripo’s growth?
[52:20] On getting your partner to open up
[54:54] Want to hear more from Pripo? Check his podcast
[58:06] Final advice from Pripo

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