We are bringing the energy super high in today’s episode with a best-selling author, lifestyle entrepreneur, and motivational speaker — Jake Kelfer. We talked about letting fear get the best of you, being vulnerable, his biggest fear, how to be successful, and relationship, just to name a few. This is a jam-packed, empowering, and inspiring episode that you should not miss.

Where to find Jake Kelfer:
Website: www.jakekelfer.com
IG: instagram.com/jakekelfer/

What we talked about:
[0:00] Introduction
[1:03] The difference between a lifestyle entrepreneur vs. regular entrepreneur
[1:42] Common challenges Jake frequently gets asked
[3:54] Jake’s biggest “failures” and “rejections”
[6:41] Is Jake an action taker?
[9:35] Where do people have misconceptions around relationships?
[12:34] Asking the RIGHT questions
[13:58] The questions you should ask yourself and others
[16:00] How to get Jake (or someone like him) as a mentor?
[22:42] Why “networking” is actually giving value to someone else?
[24:26] How to live “the dream”?
[26:56] What people don’t see behind the success
[29:02] Jake’s most vulnerable place in his life right now?
[32:25] Jake’s biggest fear
[33:44] Why aren’t more people successful?
[35:48] On fulfillment
[41:40] Persuading people that math will change their lives
[44:50] Success and relationships
[48:59] Where can you find Jake?

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