#454 – You Will Fail If You Think Like THIS

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#454 – You Will Fail If You Think Like THIS

How do you deal with pain? Do you shell up and just throw in the towel or do use that to fuel the fire? In today’s episode, we share a diagram that we believe will truly help your life’s trajectory. This is also one of those episodes where it would make more sense if you watch it on YouTube, so if can please do so.

What we talked about:
[0:00] Introduction
[0:53] This concept is very important for your long-term success
[1:32] 2 cycles of pain diagram (if you’re not on Youtube, we suggest you watch this episode from there)
[2:10] 1st cycle: Micro failure for macro success
[4:27] Using pain to improve yourself
[5:05] Kevin sharing an interview with Justin Wren and why it didn’t make it to the podcast
[8:41] 2nd cycle: macro success
[12:09] No belief vs. false belief
[15:30] Alan’s challenge for everyone listening
[20:54] Check out our previous episode: #438 – $13 cheeseburger vs. a $13 book
[25:05] The power of belief
[27:41] Free PDF of all the lessons we learned during our Mastermind sessions
[28:45] Join the #HyperConsciousNation

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