#453 – Why Constructive Criticism is a Good Thing

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#453 – Why Constructive Criticism is a Good Thing

It takes a lot of inner work for one to take constructive criticism open-mindedly. So when you receive feedback and if more often than not, it doesn’t sit well with you, then it’s high time to sit down and introspect. Remember that feedback is meant to aid you to grow and be more aware. So try and learn to sit in the discomfort, shake the snow globe, and when the snow falls and settles — your awareness will increase.

What we talked about:
[0:00] Introduction
[1:46] Why are we talking about this?
[2:33] Probably the biggest thing that happened to this podcast
[3:55] If you don’t like feedback, it’s probably because you have a fixed mindset
[6:07] Taking criticism personally
[8:53] Have the courage to ask and take the feedback courageously
[10:06] You either seek challenge or seek comfort
[13:18] Proactively seek feedback from a resourceful state
[17:32] What you work on is very emotional
[18:48] A tip on handling constructive feedback and keeping your emotions in check
[21:00] An exciting project we are working on
[21:57] Join the #HyperConsciousNation

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