#452 – 10 Weaknesses and How To Turn Them Into Strengths – Live Mastermind

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#452 – Transform Your Weaknesses Into Strengths – Live Mastermind

“Don’t use your weaknesses as an excuse.”

We all have a list of weaknesses that seem to haunt us whenever we have opportunities that we know are going to help us grow. Thankfully, our weaknesses can be transformed into strengths if we know how to do it properly. A quick tip: get clear on what your weaknesses are, decide that you don’t want it anymore, and work on it. Sounds simple, right? It can be, but you have to understand that you need to do a lot of work. So make sure you tune in and start working on yourself, one weakness at a time.

What we talked about:
[0:00] Introduction
[0:51] Low confidence
[2:31] Find someone who is the polar opposite of you, you are way more likely to succeed
[5:10] Lack of clarity
[9:58] Arrogance: very high confidence with very low awareness
[13:53] Comfort seeking
[19:56] Being an obliger
[21:02] Set your own goals
[22:51] Fix mindset
[26:56] “Ask and attract”
[28:51] Low standards
[32:49] Poor leadership skills
[36:25] How to get up and get over failures
[40:32] Inconsistency
[45:55] Focus on showing up
[46:09] Entitlement
[51:15] Life analogy
[53:13] Join the #HyperConsciousNation

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