#446 – How To Stop Breaking Promises To Yourself

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#446 – How To Stop Breaking Promises To Yourself

Raise your hand if you’ve ever made a promise to yourself but failed to keep it. Raise your hand if you’re still trying to fulfill that promise until today. In this episode, we borrow the guiding metaphors from this amazing book called Switch. They are the rider, the elephant, and the path. We’re using this analogy to explain how you can stop breaking your own promises.

What we talked about:
[0:00] Introduction
[1:26] The rider, elephant and path analogy
[2:40] How can you keep your promises?
[5:45] A hypothetical example
[7:23] Are you happy with the results?
[8:00] Alan’s promises that he keeps breaking
[9:08] Kevin’s promises he’s working on keeping
[10:44] Join the Mastermind every Monday, 6 PM EST
[11:08] Free 30-minute consultation call with Alan (Peak Performance Business) and Kevin (Podcast Coaching and Developing)
[11:30] Join the #HyperConsciousNation

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