#443 – Why You Feel Stuck

There are a few good reasons out there to answer this seemingly easy question: “Why do you feel stuck?” At some point in your personal life, relationship, health, or career you’ve probably experienced feeling stuck. So today, we talk about that and we hope this episode inspires you to continue working on your dreams and to never lower your standards or worse, give up.

Key takeaways:
[0:00] Introduction
[0:59] Why are we doing this episode?
[1:48] The three buckets when it comes to goals and standards
[4:24] The reason why you feel stuck
[5:20] Quick storytime with Alan
[9:00] Anyone can do almost anything — it’s a matter of “if you will”
[11:54] Why are coaches important?
[15:35] Remember, your standard is a choice
[16:34] Where are you letting yourself off the hook?
[20:29] Next week’s episode teaser
[20:41] Free 30-minute consultation call with Alan (Peak Performance) and Kevin (Podcast)
[22:00] Join the Mastermind every Monday, 6 PM EST

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