#437 – Our Relationships From Our Girlfriends’ Perspective – Live Mastermind

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#437 – Our Relationships From Our Girlfriends' Perspective – Live Mastermind

For the longest time, we’ve been talking about our amazing relationships, our beautiful girlfriends, and the check-ins that we invest in. We thought that it would be great to bring them on to the live mastermind. It’s nice to hear a woman’s, in this case, our women’s perspective on the structure and system that we’ve put into place for our own relationships to become successful. This is a really great episode whether you are in a relationship or not, so make sure to tune in.

Key takeaways:
[0:00] Introduction
[2:24] What is this live mastermind about?
[3:22] Relationship structure and system in PDF form
[4:50] Having a growth-oriented relationship has its challenges
[5:28] Emilia’s intro
[6:07] Taryn’s intro and why check-ins are important for her
[8:26] Emilia’s learnings about her check-ins
[11:10] “Time is so precious and it’s truly up to you how you choose to spend and invest.”
[12:42] Have the zest for continuing to learn about your partner
[15:00] Female perspective on relationship insurance
[16:14] John Gottman’s famous study
[19:42] Build the foundation of your relationship with positive bids
[20:28] Examples of bids
[22:22] If you’re meeting your partner’s bids, you are building reinforcement
[23:45] The bids in action
[24:48] What happens when you can’t come into an agreement during check-in?
[26:52] Disagreement is an opportunity to learn more about your partner
[30:52] “Lead with love”
[34:55] You have to become what you want to attract first
[39:16] What are the guiding personal questions that you ask during check-ins?
[45:27] Have you ever heard an answer that you don’t like or are defensive about?
[50:09] Start small. Start with 1 question or 1 gratitude
[51:54] For the single folks: take mix signals as a NO
[53:15] Gratitude is the attitude
[56:07] The importance of personal development in a relationship

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