#436 – The Most Boring Thing That Will Make the Biggest Difference

For most of us, working on our calendar or organizing our schedule is very boring, tiresome, and simply not something we are excited to do. But guess what? It’s a life-changing activity and once you get into the habit of doing it, you’ll be grateful you started it.

Key takeaways:
[0:00] Introduction
[1:00] Quick context on this episode
[1:55] Weight training: muscle mass; calendar: productivity
[5:07] Getting into the habit of executing against your calendar is a set-it-and-forget-it tool
[6:04] Ambiguity creates a negative connotation
[8:36] It’s boring to talk about your calendar but it’s a life changer
[9:25] It’s all by design
[10:58] Take advantage of things that you can automate
[11:34] You only get one chance at a first impression
[12:30] Free 30-minute consultation call with Alan (Peak Performance) and Kevin (Podcast)
[13:08] Join the Mastermind every Monday, 6 PM EST
[14:07] Teaser for tomorrow’s mastermind with our amazing girlfriends

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