#434 – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

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#434 – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

One thought, question, or idea can change your mind.

Ponder on this idea: the way you are now might not be your reality. That you can be way better and more powerful than you think. That you can achieve great things if you are willing to change your perception about yourself and work hard for it. That is what we are going to hammer on in today’s episode, so stay tuned.

Key takeaways:
[0:31] Introduction
[1:10] A wise man once said… and why are we talking about this today
[2:42] Most of our limitations are self-made
[10:27] Alan’s belief and how it elevated him
[12:23] Kevin’s old job and how he tolerated it
[15:17] Acorn planting analogy
[16:43] The thoughts you have in your mind are deciding your future
[18:28] Five things that Kevin loves about himself
[20:37] More of Kevin’s stories about his past self
[26:25] Why is it important to have a coach?
[27:25] Join the Mastermind every Monday, 6 PM EST
[28:26] Free 30-minute consultation call with Alan (Peak Performance) and Kevin (Podcast)

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