#432 – Fitness and How to Achieve Your Dream Physique – Live Mastermind

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#432 – Fitness and How to Achieve Your Dream Physique – Live Mastermind

Alan went a little hard on everybody in today’s mastermind as we talked about fitness and achieving your dream physique. There’s so much that you can take away from this episode and if you haven’t started working on your fitness, we’re pretty sure that after this mastermind, you’re going to start your health and fitness journey.

What we talked about:
[1:45] Introduction and a few reminders from Amy
[3:39] Next week’s mastermind teaser
[4:41] Why Alan is super passionate about today’s topic
[7:17] The misunderstandings that are keeping you from achieving your fitness goals
[9:47] An apple a day, Tom Brady, and why consistency is king
[10:51] “If you’re going to compete with me, you better be ready to give up your life because I’ve given up mine.” – Tom Brady
[12:48] The scale, counting calories and creating a positive relationship with each
[16:55] Muscle mass, cardio vs. weight training, and why your fear of gaining weight is Jeff-ing you
[21:20] 2 main cycles to fitness
[22:20] Your lymphatic system, cerebral fluid and why sleep is life-changing
[24:10] On maximizing the 16-hour of wakefulness
[27:27] Suggestions about sleep for a nursing mother
[28:29] Pick a quantifiable target, what the scale really is, and why your body comp is what you are really after
[31:32] When you aim for a goal, don’t just aim for the number on the scale
[34:51] Calories in vs. calories out, how clean eats is half the battle, and why tracking raises awareness
[38:22] Calories vs. proteins/carbs/fats
[39:46]  Why power, the 25 reasons and journey of a thousand miles
[41:17] Thoughts on red meat
[42:33] The tornado of misinformation, shiny object syndrome, and L-glutamine
[44:49] Why being sexy isn’t sexy, going in cycles, and Muhammad Ali
[47:37] Rest days to repair muscles
[49:48] Narrowing your circle of concern, keeping it simple, and falling in love with the mundane fundamentals
[52:08] Just get 1% better every day

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