#427 – What It Really Takes to Live your Dream Life – Live Mastermind

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#427 – What It Really Takes to Live your Dream Life – Live Mastermind

“Living the dream” doesn’t always mean that you are living a perfect life, far from it.

In today’s Hyper Conscious mastermind we hammer on the things that we need to be doing or start doing to live our dream life. And if you’ve been following us for some time now, you’d know that we always give a bonus step so make sure you stay tuned for that. So if you are someone who wants to start working or has started the work of personal growth, this episode is for you.

What we talked about:
[0:31] Introduction
[1:00] Quick context
[3:53] Storytime
[4:52] #1: clarity
[6:00] Ask yourself this question
[6:31] The splits analogy
[8:13] The reason why we don’t own what we really want is that we are so petrified of what that is going to require of us
[9:18] People are going to tell you that your dreams are not real
[13:15] How to move on from “firing” a friend
[14:44] The 3-3-3 rule
[16:13] 4 types of goals
[17:33] #2: Why power
[23:22] Motivation vs inspiration
[26:39] #3: Relationships
[31:08] If the point of your relationship is growth, expect to bring up things that are bothering you
[32:19] #4: Fear chasing
[33:26] If you allow your fears to stop you, that will be it
[34:37] Car-thunderstorm analogy
[38:16] On dealing with your guilt when you aren’t consistent
[43:10] Give yourself credit for the little things
[44:16] #5: Habits
[45:57] Be brutally honest with yourself
[49:48] On being ready to be in a relationship
[51:32] On insecurity
[52:57] Bonus #6: Alignment audit
[56:33] The Hyper Conscious book club
[57:11] Dealing with the opinions of others
[59:12] Free 30-minute consultation call with Alan and/ Kevin

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