#424 – Elevate Your Normal

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#424 – Elevate Your Normal

Looking for and deciding on what your normal is, is a very important facet to your personal development journey. It’s also important to have the right perspective and mindset before deciding what it should be. In today’s episode, we urge our listeners, who are like family to us, to find your normal and work on improving it.

Key takeaways:
[0:31] Introduction
[0:54] Context for today’s episode
[2:04] Not knowing what normal is will ruin things for you
[3:14] The danger of not knowing what normal is at a young age
[4:59] The problem with people looking up at other people’s lives that aren’t normal
[7:56] The common things that people think are normal but are really not
[11:41] If you don’t explore other people’s normal, you can’t hyper consciously decide your own
[12:40] Try to elevate your normal
[16:16] You have to realize that what is normal now, might not be in the future
[20:36] What does Kevin want to be the new normal that he is working on right now?
[21:38] Challenge to our listeners
[23:45] On breaking the cycles
[24:45] Free 30-minute call with Kevin and/or Alan
[24:58] Join the Mastermind every Monday, 6 PM EST

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