For a woman who was able to experience “life” at such a young age, Karen is now very attuned to her spiritual self. Yes, our guest for today is none other than Karen Christensen who is a phenomenal speaker and podcaster. We were able to feel her authenticity as we discussed alignment, values and experiences. And the energy that she brings into this interview is just something else. So make sure you stay tuned.

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Key takeaways:

[0:31] Introduction

[2:50] Who is Karen today?

[5:00] It’s really important for people with a platform to show the messy side of being human

[5:50] What catalyzed Karen to travel away from home?

[14:02] Karen’s perception vs. reality

[17:48] The marketplace will see you for your work

[18:01] What LA has done for Karen?

[21:42] On struggling: check if you are out of alignment

[27:15] How do you know if what you want is going to create the person that you want?

[35:28] What did Karen learn about herself that she wouldn’t have learned had she not achieved all the things she has achieved and experienced?

[40:33] The chapters of Karen’s life

[44:41] On trading becoming for belonging 

[47:43] Where to find Karen?

[50:02] Karen’s 10-second blip

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