#415 – Let’s Talk About Relationships with Pripo Teplitsky

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Today’s episode is for everyone who is in a relationship, about to go into a relationship, or has ever had a relationship. We are joined by Pripo Teplitsky who is a practicing Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor specializing in relationship issues working with individuals, couples, families and workgroups. Make sure to tune in because this is a 50-minute episode you surely don’t want to skip.

Where to find Pripo Teplitsky:

Podcast: https://pripo.libsyn.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pripoTeplitsky/

Website: https://www.heartsharecounseling.com/


Things we talked about today:

[0:31] Introduction

[3:20] How we all met

[3:59] The point of having an intimate relationship

[5:00] How to release the “relationship is easy” mindset

[6:41] Golden nuggets for younger couples about relationship

[8:33] How Pripo got into this line of work

[10:16] How Pripo and his wife met

[12:45] On conflicts and handling it

[16:30] Common misunderstandings that cause toxicity in a relationship

[18:46] On taking ownership

[21:21 ]Self-suppression: how to identify and how to get away from it

[25:10] How to be “heard” by someone who isn’t as willing, open, and receptive

[28:03] How do you know that it’s time to end the relationship

[30:19] On identifying if we are living in fear

[33:07] Common themes of couples that reach out for counseling

[34:41] Creating a connection

[36:24] Pripo’s understanding of the positive association with the central nervous system in the context of relationship

[41:08] Pripo’s strength and weaknesses in his relationship

[45:50] 4 things that can predict a relationship’s demise

[48:35] Appreciation heart share, cherish and being kind

[51:22] Where to find Pripo

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