#413 – Understanding The “Seasons” Of Life

Let’s about seasons, shall we? What season are you in right? Why is it important for you to know? The season will change if you’re preparing for the next one, the problem is that most of us stay in one season longer than necessary. Stay tuned to learn more about the seasons of life and how you can effectively move to the next one. 


Key takeaways:

[0:31] Introduction and recap

[1:16] The context of this episode

[5:08] If you do it right, you might only need just one season

[7:00] Do what’s difficult when it’s easy, do what’s easy when it’s difficult

[8:18] Your relationship is going to determine your season

[9:27] Understand what season you are in  

[12:04] Less change, less growth

[15:30] The first step to growth: admitting that the season you are in is not the season you want to be in

[16:43] Challenge to our listeners

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