#402 – Overcoming Overwhelm – Live Breath Work Mastermind with Samantha Skelly

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We are not kidding you, but this is another FIRE mastermind that you shouldn’t miss. More than just listening, if you are in a safe space (not driving or in the water) we highly suggest that you join us as we do the breathwork with none other than Samantha Skelly. She is the CEO and founder of the Pause Breathwork. So make sure that you stay tuned!

The awesome things we talked (and did) in this episode:

[0:31] Introduction of mastermind and guest

[3:20] On waking up anxious and using the breath to settle yourself

[4:28] Honor and be okay with the sensations and contractions

[5:11] “I am anxious”

[6:58] True need: safety

[10:45] How Sam discovered breathwork

[17:09] Humans are creators and destroyers

[19:08] What is breathwork?

[21:35] “Life is all about contractions and expansions.” 

[25:00] The effect of forgetting that you are powerful

[27:45] The first step to consciously feeling

[33:13] On suppressing the feeling of “joy”

[39:00] Our traumatic events get frozen in time

[41:20] Reminders before the live breathwork starts (we suggest you participate too)

[46:06] Tri-active breath: intense breath patterns

[59:05] Coming back to reality

[1:00:59] “The bravest journey that we can take as humans is the one inside.”

Where to find Samantha:

Website: www.samanthaskelly.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samanthaskelly/

Pause Breathwork: https://www.pausebreathwork.com/

Hungry For Happiness podcast: https://www.samanthaskelly.com/podcast

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