#398 – 5 Ways Social Media Is F****** Up Your Life

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Raise your hand if you’ve found yourself scrolling through social media mindlessly without even intending to do so? Raise your hand if you purchased an item from a social media ad that you didn’t need? Raise your hand if you’ve felt bad about your physical looks after looking at tons of well-toned, perfectly sculptured, flawlessly tanned celebrity pics? 

If you’ve raised a hand even for just one question then this episode is for you.

Key takeaways:

[0:31] Introduction and recap

[1:00] Let’s talk about social media

[2:13] Social media is meant to steal your attention

[3:50] On filters and body dysmorphia

[9:10] Know where you are deluding yourself

[9:39] Comparing yourself to others

[11:17] You are sucked into a rabbit hole

[13:29] Highlight reel

[15:17] Designed to be addictive

[16:28] What has your attention, controls your life 

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