#397 – The Process Of Manifestation – LIVE MASTERMIND

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#397 – The Process Of Manifestation – LIVE MASTERMIND

In today’s mastermind, we wanted to hammer hard on manifestation, what it is, how it affects your goals and why is it important? In the call, we shared the types of questions you can ask yourself, as well as, how to start creating a vision of your dream and understanding the importance of belief. 

This is another great episode, so stay tuned.

[1:03] Manifestation: what is it?

[3:24] PMES, what does it means?

[5:07] The purple elephant 

[6:40] You need to emotionally believe that you can manifest something

[10:00] Kevin and Alan’s manifestation examples

[16:55] “If you can imagine a panic attack, you can stop a panic attack.”

[18:35] What have I imagined in the past that I made into a reality?

[19:18] What should I be imagining now that I want to manifest in my future?

[20:18] Imagination is a muscle, if you haven’t been using it consciously, it might be very weak

[20:45] Questions for the emotional code

[23:25] The closer you get to someone, the closer you see the truth

[25:31] “To see is to believe” is limiting

[31:00] Questions for the mental code

[33:50] Self-love and self-discipline go hand in hand

[36:32] On pain and experiencing it

[39:50] Perception and behavior are connected

[41:20] Manifestation meditation

[47:46] Cold coffee vs. warm coffee

[50:39] When you believe something… “it’s your job to make sure you don’t screw it up…”

[53:28] The basketball analogy

[54:00] Your intuition is based on the end goal

[58:40] Discover what your code is, which one is your strength and which one is your weakness?

[59:10] How to find the people you need to be around?


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