#392 – Selling With Integrity – Live Mastermind

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#392 – Selling With Integrity – Live Mastermind 

In today’s mastermind, we talk about selling with integrity. How does this differ from regular selling? How does this make you different from sleazy salesmen? We share so much vital information in this call so we hope you’ll learn something valuable today.

Key takeaways:

[0:32] Introduction and what are we going to talk about today

[2:04] Today’s objective

[2:23] Sales is not persuading someone to do something they don’t want to do

[4:35] Drawing the wrong conclusions

[8:00] What sales really is?

[9:30] Sales aversion questions: rapid-fire with Kevin and Alan

[16:20] Sales is about alignment to your values

[19:20] The different cases during sales

[23:23] Know and understand your codes

[27:00] Do your research and figure out the client’s goals

[28:55] Develop yourself so much that you can be authentic with anyone and you don’t have to manipulate the circumstance

[30:35] How to match someone else’s code: understand them

[31:30] “Bait the hook” with what someone likes, not what you like

[32:24] How to decode someone else’s codes?

[33:41] Questionnaire

[36:00] Two main objectives of the questionnaire

[39:20] Be honest if you don’t know something or if a task is out of your league 

[41:12] Credibility building with “M’s”; relationship-building with “E’s”

[43:07] Selling is communicating the value

[44:21] Buiding a community is very important

[45:36] Primary, passive and active value

[48:30] Kevin’s 3-tiered structure

[50:42] Finding the right fit and mitigating objections

[55:30] Free 30-minute consultation call with Alan and Kevin

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