#386 – Are You Eating Your Humble Pie? (Why Humility Is So Important)

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Humility is a trait that everyone needs, but not everyone has. The good news is that it’s something you can attain by being self-aware and accept that you ain’t perfect. Nobody is. Today we talk about the instance when Kevin got to take a bite of the humble pie and what impact it has on your personal growth. Stay tuned.

Key takeaways:

  • Introduction [0:31]
  • Why are we talking about the humble pie [0:57]
  • The importance of being humble [2:30]
  • Knowing when you don’t know something can save you and bring you pain [3:47]
  • Kevin’s experience with being on both ends of the drive to five [4:45]
  • When Kevin needed the humble pie [6:00]
  • Free 30-minute consultation calls [7:12]
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