#383 – What Do You LOVE About Yourself???

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#383 – What Do You LOVE About Yourself??? 

I’m sure most of you will agree, it’s so hard to talk about the things that we love about ourselves. It’s either you think people will find you arrogant or you grew up thinking you don’t really have any good qualities. This is a very important topic you need to sit down with especially during this crazy time, so make sure to stay tuned.

Things we talked about

  • Introduction and mastermind recap [0:31]
  • For some, it isn’t okay to talk about what you love yourself [2:37]
  • “If you don’t have self-love, how do you give love?” [3:26]
  • Where things get tricky [4:54]
  • Lack of confidence makes you default to not loving yourself [5:19]
  • What is self-love and why is it important? [6:08]
  • Kevin’s story on realizing self-love [6:24]
  • Self-love is admitting the things you are proud of yourself without feeling bad [7:21]
  • Squeezing an orange analogy [9:50]
  • Realize this: the way you talk yourself down is worse than the way you talk to your loved ones [11:20]
  • Challenge: say something nice about yourself right now [11:36]
  • On balancing self-love and standards [12:52]
  • Jotting down things that you love about yourself daily [16:40]
  • Put time aside every day to think of things about yourself [18:58]
  • Join HyperConsciousNation through our website [19:30]
  • Join us every Monday at 6:00 PM, EST for our weekly Mastermind [20:17]
  • Take advance of our free 30-minute consultations for peak performance business and podcast [21:03]

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