#382 – IDENTITY SHIFT – Live Mastermind With Anthony Trucks

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#382 – IDENTITY SHIFT – Live Mastermind With Anthony Trucks

We had such an amazing time with Anthony Trucks today and we were just in awe of the things he taught us. You’ll notice how all of us were just silently engaged, writing down notes and learning as Anthony took over the entire Mastermind. It was FIRE!

To learn more about Anthony Trucks, check out his website: anthonytrucks.com

Key takeaways:

  • Introducing our guest: Anthony Trucks [0:32]
  • Two types of people [2:57]
  • Who this Mastermind is for [3:57]
  • The person you are vs. the person who has everything you want [4:43]
  • “The people that do what the do, they’re just flowing” [7:18]
  • Venn diagram [8:40]
  • If beliefs and thoughts are not intuned, your mindset out of whack thereby becoming hard to operate [10:50]
  • Saying your excuse for quitting out loud will make it sound stupid [15:24]
  • “The tank doesn’t get depleted.” [18:06]
  • The brain’s operating system [20:00]
  • “You are who you are when you’re not thinking about who you are.” [20:44]
  • Find what actions scare you [25:58]
  • See-Shift-Sustain Method [29:15]
  • Accept and dissect what the problem is [32:10]
  • What do you need to believe? [34:50]
  • Take time to ask yourself what went wrong, debrief and replan [37:40]
  • Sustaining the growth [39:46]
  • “The biggest room in the world is: the room for improvement.” [42:15]
  • People who are in success have had an identity shift [44:53]
  • Q&A section
  • Anthony’s first “real” speaking engagement [45:08]
  • The six identity drivers [47:00]
  • Will Anthony have another identity shift in the future? [48:04]
  • As a dad, what advice can you give to your kids this powerful mindset? [50:59]
  • Workout or health routine [51:45]
  • Mentors or friends you follow [52:44]
  • Favorite books [53:20]
  • Advice for a college and working student [53:50]

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