#377 – Hyper Conscious Leadership Live Mastermind

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It was another fire mastermind with great and like-minded individuals and we’re happy to share it with everyone! Today we talk about leadership and how it is important especially during this crazy time we are all living in. We also remind everyone to surround themselves with people who are aligned with their core values. And to get clear on personal goals, so it would be easier to figure out the next steps. Stay tuned!

  • New success brings new challenges [0:40]
  • The primary objective of this mastermind [1:00]
  • Jack Sparrow analogy [2:08]
  • Puzzle analogy [3:20]
  • If life is a journey, choose a destination or target that will make the journey more exciting [4:24]
  • How clear are you in where you want to go and why do you want to go there? [6:28]
  • Who you are today is a product of a vision or the lack thereof for the future [8:22]
  • Different types of goals [9:20]
  • Level of ambition equals the level of growth [10:12]
  • “It’s a lot easier to lead your life when you know exactly what you’re leading towards.” [13:14]
  • On influencing — lead by example [14:27]
  • Commit to something you are excited [17:10]
  • Today’s challenges are so huge that good leadership is very important [18:55]
  • “You MUST believe it (vision) before you see it.” [20:51]
  • PEMS system [21:40]
  • Think and lead with your heart [27:40]
  • “Would you do what you’re doing right now if you weren’t getting paid? How long would you keep doing that?” [33:00]
  • When you set and realize your core values, it will be clear to you who you should and should not be spending time with [35:00]
  • Leadership and ownership [35:30]
  • Mistakes are proof that you are trying [36:53]
  • “Can you fully be yourself?” [40:28]
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that what you do is wrong when you believe that it’s right [44:08]
  • It’s okay for people to not understand you [45:00]
  • Anchors and engines [45:37]
  • Make sure to think about what the best version of yourself would do [47:00]
  • Be growth-oriented and surround yourself with the same people [49:25]
  • “Most people do not feel great unless they’re making progress.” [53:54]
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people makes a whole lot of sense [56:26]
  • The compound effect of poor and good decisions become visible 10 years from now [58:57]

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