#373 – Why We Need Empathy Now… More Than Ever

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#373 – Why We Need Empathy Now… More Than Ever 

We are still living in crazy times and while the pandemic is still ongoing, things are getting crazier each day. There’s so much going on in the world right now, and one thing that’s being highlighted is racism. Today, we talk about how awareness is the first step to getting a better perspective and empathy.

Key takeaways:
Introduction [0:31]
Why are we talking about perspective and empathy? [0:54]
A deeper level of understanding [2:08]
Work on your awareness in order to get a better perspective and empathy [2:51]
“How can you empathize if you don’t understand first.” [4:15]
The first step is awareness [6:35]
Take time to appreciate the good [9:40]
Black lives matter vs. all lives matter [10:19]
The root cause of human suffering [12:30]
Hyperconscious = talk about the hard stuff [14:50]
“Change the way you think, you’ll change the way you act.” [15:06]

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