#372 – Creating Your System Of Success – MASTERMIND

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#372 – Creating Your System Of Success – MASTERMIND

Another fire mastermind episode dropping in for you, and today we talk about the systems of success. In this episode, Kevin shares his daily dozen so you can get a top view of how to start, how to manage, how to maintain, and how to level up your systems of success. 

Key takeaways:

  • Creating the best system of success [0:33]
  • It’s okay to not do the system every day [2:12]
  • Clarity exercise: health, wealth and love [2:33]
  • Captain and ship analogy [4:42]
  • How Kevin creates a system [8:40]
  • “The more consistently people execute, the more they tend to believe in themselves.” [10:57]
  • 3 major factors to maximize your personal growth [12:03]
  • Kevin’s daily dozen [13:50]
  • Consistency = success [17:33]
  • Give yourself compassion on your system ratings [31:40]
  • Show up every day, even on social media [35:00]
  • The root of an extraordinary life is… [36:50]
  • When things become a habit, do we drop it from the list? [38:55]
  • “Do not choose what you want based on what you believe you can get. Choose what you want based on what you really want.” [41:33]
  • The stuff that you do daily affects tomorrow [43:24]
  • Your environment is really important to make the system of success works [46:40]
  • Work with someone who is good at what you aren’t good at [48:05]
  • Your #s will increase when you do this consistently [49:00]
  • “Your self-esteem is directly correlated to how productive you feel.” [50:23]
  • Do you use the spreadsheet method on top of your notebook to track? [50:50]
  • The 25 Jeff-ings list [53:13]
  • Daily routine + productive output = key to your future [54:47]
  • Simply start with 5 things, and adjust later on [56:04]
  • Compassion and challenge yourself [57:25]

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