#367 – The 5 Love Languages (Live Mastermind)

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#367 – The 5 Love Languages (Live Mastermind)

In today’s mastermind, we talk about the 5 love languages and while there are so many resources of this out there, it’s something that not everyone is aware of. We talk about what these are, what it would mean to you, and the system that we have in place to make sure these love languages are put to good use.

Key takeaways:

  • Introduction [0:30]
  • The 5 languages of love [2:50]
  • Understand that we all have 5 of the love languages, but each of us has a BIG 2 [5:40]
  • More examples [8:20]
  • “Appreciate the things that your partner is doing…” [13:34]
  • Elastic band analogy [19:46]
  • If you are growing apart, figure out and own it [23:00]
  • Thought-provoking questions from Kevin [24:16]
  • Kevin’s relationship system [24:35]
  • Relationships should be a win-win [26:13]
  • Alan’s relationship system [28:23]
  • Knowing where your human needs are is super important [34:05]
  • Set the intention at the start of the day [35:15]
  • On getting your dream relationship [36:01]
  • Making an effort is really important [37:00]
  • Meeting your partner’s needs = growth [38:36]
  • Reasons for divorce or breakups [40:08]
  • HHALLT (hungry, horny, angry, lonely, late or tired) [43:57]
  • On taking feedback [44:17]
  • How to measure growth? [46:50]
  • Spend time every day to share what you’re grateful for [49:20]
  • The value of celebration [50:27]
  • Gratitude vs. ambition [51:22]
  • Thanking the military folks and families [54:29]
  • What’s ONE thing that can make a relationship successful? [55:03]
  • Parting words [58:50]

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