#364 – How The Law Of Attraction Works With Relationships

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#364 – How The Law Of Attraction Works With Relationships 

Wanting a SUCCESSFUL relationship and just simply wanting one are two different things. We are sure that most of you would want to have the first one. Breaking news: it’s not going to be easy and it will require a different level of you. Your level of personal development and core values will attract that person who will be good for you. 

Key takeaways:

  • Introduction and recap [0:30]
  • Why are we talking about this? [0:53]
  • What happens when one is growing personally and the other is stuck? [4:40]
  • Two trains of thoughts [6:45]
  • “All growth requires risk” [7:48]
  • Make use of your intuition [8:30]
  • “How do you know when to build credibility, and how do you know when you’re just tooting your own horn too much?” [10:20]
  • Give yourself credit for being capable of what your attracting [13:24]
  • You need to understand the goal [16:31]
  • A relationship comes down to two things [23:00]
  • What to do if you’re emotionally or logically driven? [26:20]
  • If you want the best, you have to be the best version of yourself first [26:40]
  • What would you tell the old Kevin? [27:45]
  • Check out our new website! [28:54]
  • Join our Mastermind every single Monday, 6 PM EST [29:33]
  • Teaser for this Sunday’s episode [30:24]

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