#359 – 5 Decisions That Affect Your Life Forever

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#359 – 5 Decisions That Affect Your Life Forever

In today’s episode, we talk about a very powerful topic. We wanted to cover this because we want all of you to understand that making even the simplest decision towards your goal could lead to great things. It’s not going to be all roses and butterflies along the way, but it’s better to make that choice than to just “walk” on default.

Things we talked about today:

  • Introduction and recap [0:31]
  • Why are we doing this episode? [1:00]
  • “…deciding in advance” [5:53]
  • You have to ask if it is it in alignment with the greatest version of yourself [8:07]
  • “Your awareness won’t expand until you first chase something greater.” [13:57]
  • A walk down 16-year-old lane [15:44]
  • The biggest challenge to human development and life [16:41]
  • Hanging out with the wrong crowd [17:13]
  • On understanding that sometimes the best decision you’ll make was one may have pained you in the past [19:00]
  • “Emotional pain is a given, what you do about it is not.” [20:45]
  • Pro tip: you have to choose something in advance [22:57]
  • What are the choices that you are making that are beneficial or detrimental? [23:38]
  • Final words of wisdom [25:06]
  • Check out our new look at TheHyperConsciousPodcast.com [27:19]
  • #HyperConsciousNation giveaway — join us! [27:38]

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