#357 – MASTERMIND – The Drive To Five

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Ready to hear our live Hyper Conscious Mastermind?. Today we hammer down the Drive to Five and share how we managed to come up with this framework. We share our vulnerabilities in this one, but it’s all going to be really educational. Stay tuned.

Key things we talked about:

  • Introduction [0:47]
  • Quick recap from last week’s mastermind [3:43]
  • Today’s topic: drive to five [6:06]
  • What is the goal? [7:57]
  • What a “10” looks like [11:40]
  • Key: self-awareness [13:39]
  • Coffee shop analogy [15:10]
  • “You will self-correct over time because the air feels different” [16:52]
  • Confidence conundrum [18:29]
  • Uncertainty = lack of action [19:05]
  • Common patterns of billionaires [23:24]
  • Tips on leveraging the drive to five [24:11]
  • Short-term profitability vs. long-term growth [25:57]
  • You have to have an ulterior motive [28:19]
  • How to find the right person to help you with your drive to five? [33:20]
  • Your partner should be someone you enjoy working with [37:47]
  • If you don’t have a partner to counter with, what is the best thing you can do? [40:11]
  • Don’t leave the room… STAY and learn [51:35]
  • What’s a good example of a hyperconscious moment? [54:19]
  • On self-awareness [55:08]
  • “If you can find somebody who matches you in the Drive to Five, you can definitely change the world.” [58:17]
  • Homework [58:42]
  • Final words [59:10]
  • Next week’s teaser [1:00:53]

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