#354 – The Process Of Mastery

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#354 – The Process Of Mastery

Today’s episode is all about choosing in advance what you really want to be great at, it’s called mastery. Finding what is it in your life that you want to be successful in and work your way into mastering that. 

To give you a headstart, decide which of your dreams you should be a master of, and the rest of your dreams will come true. We also ask a very important question, “How do you scale your own growth and contribution?” Stay tuned to hear what our thoughts are on that. 


  • Introduction and recap [0:31]
  • What is the process of mastery [0:55]
  • Difference between intent to succeed vs mastery [1:55]
  • “Public success is a bi-product of what you’ve mastered for years in private” [3:35]
  • What is mastery [4:02]
  • Study, practice, teach [6:59]
  • How do you decide on which aspect you want to be a master of [12:32]
  • When you’re up there, the view is different [16:17]
  • Mastery of your craft will separate your successful self from your ordinary self [18:11]
  • In beginning your process of mastery, sometimes you have to take big steps back [19:35]
  • On people who multiply time [22:35]
  • Prep, rep, reflect, and perfect [24:03]
  • The ripple effect [26:22]
  • Mastermind feedback and shoutout [26:53]
  • Join us for our weekly Mastermind [28:33]
  • The importance of coaching [29:11]
  • Final words and a teaser for the next episode [30:47]

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