#352 Live Mastermind – “The 5 Buckets”

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#352 Live Mastermind – “The 5 Buckets”

If you’ve been a listener to our podcast for a while now, you would have heard us mention the Mastermind for some time now. We’re inviting our listeners, come join us!!!. If you’re wondering what exactly goes down a Mastermind session, stay tuned. 

Key highlights:

  • Introduction [0:37]
  • The 5 buckets framework [1:20]
  • Why are we doing the mastermind? [1:54]
  • Nostalgia bucket [4:14]
  • “Are the people in your life the BEST from your past or for your future?” [6:15]
  • Maintenance bucket [6:40]
  • Libra scale analogy [10:42]
  • Mentee bucket [12:15]
  • Plus, minus, equal [12:35]
  • Maintenance vs. mentee [13:10]
  • “Whatever your goals are, align with these buckets and you will watch your life transform… “[17:21]
  • Growth bucket: the dream team [19:44]
  • Family members can also be included in these buckets, not just friends [23:56]
  • The problem with family members doubting themselves, not you [28:15]
  • Is it your job to move people from one bucket to another? [30:55]
  • “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” [33:15]
  • Ways to grow the buckets [35:26]
  • Networking with the right people [38:50]
  • Wisdom bucket: the dream [39:54]
  • Mentors are everywhere: you just need to look for the right one [43:37]
  • Tips on bringing on the people into your life [45:07]
  • A mentor could be anyone, not necessarily a millionaire [47:28]
  • This week’s homework [48:26]
  • Invitation to join the Book Club [49:09]
  • Clarification on growth and wisdom buckets [53:25]
  • On how the buckets work and how to reallocate [54:07]
  • The fear of sharing, but not growing yourself [55:45]
  • Looking for a fish or learning how to fish? [1:01:00]
  • Closing [1:01:55]

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