Today we have another special guest who we think is very timely especially during this pandemic. We have the owner, and director of Gillen psychotherapy, and a licensed mental health counselor. She answers our questions about the walls we consciously or subconsciously put up, what are the triggers to recognize these, and more importantly how can we help ourselves. 

To learn more about Carol, her work and her services, please visit

Today’s episode highlights:
Intro [0:30]
A quick definition of what hyperconscious is [1:05]
How we met Carol Gillen [1:40]
The beachball analogy [2:36]
What is the IFS or Internal Family System [4:17]
On people reacting differently to trauma [8:40]
On handling the walls you’ve put up and healing from them [12:12]
What is a holding space? [17:17]
How do you identify the things that hold you back, especially when you don’t know that you have those walls?[20:31]
What causes a trigger? [24:24]
Having the courage to be true to ourselves [27:06]
On tracking the progress [29:30]
When joining a therapy: what to expect? [31:06]
How did Carol choose IFS Therapy? [36:05]
How did helping others help Carol as a person? [40:51]
Common patterns and how to identify them [43:00]
Where to find Carol Gillen [45:52]

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