#349 – The 5 Buckets And Why They Matter To You

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#349 – The 5 Buckets And Why They Matter To You

In today’s episode, we focus on the 5 buckets and how to use those buckets for success. This is one very intriguing topic especially when it comes to disassociating yourself with people who do not share the same core values as you. It doesn’t necessarily mean you no longer care for them, but sometimes you have to push back on activities that you share that are no longer engaging for you and your goals.

Stay tuned to learn how we managed to disassociate and how we increased our buckets.

Highlights from today’s episode:

  • The history of our 5 buckets[1:00]
  • Nostalgia bucket [2:15]
  • Maintenance bucket [2:35]
  • Mentee bucket [3:42]
  • Growth bucket [4:06]
  • Wisdom or mentor bucket [4:22]
  • Quality of life is tied to your associations [6:00]
  • On disassociating yourself with people who are not aligned with your core values [7:00]
  • Why is the mentee bucket important? [10:30]
  • Our great takeaways that we want to reiterate [12:19]
  • On taking control and figuring out how to filter out the people around you [15:00]
  • “In order to disassociate for something, you have to associate stronger with something else.” [15:40]
  • Alan’s way of gauging his success based on how much hate he got from others who don’t share the same values as him [18:50]
  • When people take things too personally [20:17]
  • Trying is NOT failing [25:07]
  • On expanding your growth and wisdom buckets [28:03]
  • Success is the integration of a win-win situation [32:27]
  • Kevin’s online courses and one-on-one coaching updates [33:56]
  • Hyperconscious mastermind, join us! [34:27]
  • Teaser for this Sunday’s guest [34:55]

Don’t forget to check out The Hyper Conscious Podcast to learn more about the podcast and our other programs. Also, the best community to be part of right now is also on that link. Give it a try! See you in the next episode of The Hyper Conscious Podcast.

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