#337 – What Is The Law Of Attraction? – Scratching The Surface

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#337 – What Is The Law Of Attraction? – Scratching The Surface

This is another powerful episode of The Hyper Conscious Podcast where we talk about the law of attraction. We are very sure that you’ve heard of this whether from a Netflix series, the book or probably from your mentor. Wherever you heard of it, you can best believe that it is real — and powerful. 

Having a goal is a start. It’s your stepping stone to reaching your dreams. But these won’t even matter if you 1) don’t work hard for it and 2) don’t believe that you’ll reach it. In today’s episode, we talk about the importance of believing that the law of attraction exists and that there’s real science behind it. 

We take this really seriously and you would hear that in this episode because we both are testaments to how real the law of attraction is. Stay tuned!

Key Takeaways:

  • Invitation to join the #HyperConsciousNation [0:54]
  • Kevin’s full-length courses: 
    • Zero to Podcast [1:54] 
    • Hyper Conscious Mindset Program [2:41] 
    • Use the code: Jeff1 to get a 20% discount [3:08]
  • Law of attraction: deeper dive [4:50]
  • “You got to allow…” [6:30]
  • Turning your dreams into reality [8:00]
  • Why didn’t the mastermind happen sooner? From Alan’s perspective [12:00]
  • The law of attraction: simplified [14:15]
  • “Clear the connection” [18:13]
  • The relation between law of attraction and micro vs. macro [19:40]
  • The science behind law of attraction [22:55]
  • Are you having a hard time believing this? Don’t worry Kevin WAS you…  [27:02]
  • Have the courage to believe that your dreams are possible [34:40]

Don’t forget to check out The Hyper Conscious Podcast to learn more about the podcast and our other programs. Also, the best community to be part of right now is also on that link. Give it a try! See you in the next episode of The Hyper Conscious Podcast.

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