#336 – How To Balance Your Future With The Present – Small Talks

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#336 – How To Balance Your Future With The Present – Small Talks 

Today’s episode is another hammering down on the importance of having a goal and working towards that goal. If you noticed, we keep coming back to this topic because we believe it’s very important to always check in on that. Where you are in your life and your goal? Moreover, apart from having a macro, you need to make sure that this is exactly what you want to do in life — long term. It has to be something that is aligned with your core.

What we talked about:

  • Invitation to join the #HyperConsciousNation [1:00]
  • Kevin’s new programs (soon to launch) – watch out soon! [2:10]
  • What are the two extremes in life? [2:39]
  • The destination brings value to the journey [4:39]
  • To reach your end goal in the future, you need to do the work today [7:05]
  • Allow your dreams to evolve [9:14]
  • Heroes, and the admiration they bring, is actually important [11:45]
  • It’s okay to take detours. Make sure to get back on track though [14:00]
  • What does it feel like to NOT have a macro? [15:25]

Don’t forget to check out The Hyper Conscious Podcast to learn more about the podcast and our other programs. Also, the best community to be part of right now is also on that link. Give it a try! See you in the next episode of The Hyper Conscious Podcast.

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