#326 – Jairek Robbins – Finding Certainty In Uncertain Times

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#326 – Jairek Robbins – Finding Certainty In Uncertain Times 

Today we are graced by an American performance coach and motivational speaker – the amazing Jairek Robbins. We dive deep into what fear does to us especially in the midst of this global pandemic. Jairek shares with us some amazing tips on how to get fear out of our bodies and emotions. Stick around because it’s going to get really interesting. 

More about Jairek:

Jairek has been coaching business owners, teams and individuals for over a decade to achieve world-class results in work and life through his personal coaching. His coaching has helped them make more money (while working less!), lose weight, have more passion in their relationships and more focus and energy than ever before. 

To learn more about his services, you can visit: JairekRobbins.com

We talked about a couple of things:

  • The importance of being prepared [1:45]
  • Hot to get fear out of the BODY [9:50]
    • 3-minute ice-cold shower [10:13]
    • Master your breath [11:11]
  • How to get fear out of EMOTIONS [14:07]
    • Focus on your “feel” [14:20]
    • Ask yourself: what are the top 5 emotions you’d like to feel more often? [15:30]
    • Johari window [20:47]
  • What does Jairek uses for mindfulness and meditation? [25:08]
  • Why we don’t do what we know? [29:20]
  • Decisions and destiny [32:45]
  • Where to find Jairek Robbins [37:40]

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