#320 – How To Avoid Jumping To Conclusions – Small Talks

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#320 – How To Avoid Jumping To Conclusions – Small Talks

Have you ever assumed the worst about someone or a certain event in life? How many times have you started a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend because you jumped into conclusions? It’s quite relatable, right? 

In today’s episode, we unpack a couple of things about jumping to conclusions and how it can be detrimental in a relationship. We also share a couple of tips on how to avoid making this mistake, read: DO NOT jump into conclusion.

Stay tuned and we hope you enjoy the show.

Highlights from today’s episode:

  • The power of belief [1:00]
  • Coaching slot update [2:22]
  • People do things in different ways: be understanding [5:30]
  • Raise your awareness, not the other way around [8:15]
  • The other side of transparency [11:17]
  • Importance of patience [13:30]
  • Pro tip: put yourself in your partner’s shoe [16:00]
  • Your partner DOES NOT know everything that you’re thinking [17:20]
  • Reassure your partner [17:45]

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