#314 – Summer Scolaro – The Seasons Of Life

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#314 – Summer Scolaro – The Seasons Of Life

Summer Scolaro is the Owner of She Lives Wholly Co.: The woman’s wholesome lifestyle brand and personal branding company on a mission to help modern women create their dream businesses and lives.

Summer is a Brand Strategist, educator, and business bestie to aspiring and current female entrepreneurs. She is the founder and instructor of the Shepreneur Branding Academy: The female entrepreneur’s ultimate training to clarify, grow, and monetize their personal brand online.

Summer has extensive knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship, online marketing, and personal branding as she has built her own successful brands and businesses as a Holistic Health Coach, Natural Foods Chef, and inspirational influencer. Summer is passionate about teaching other entrepreneurs the exact strategies she used to build her brand, and her raving students success in the Shepreneur Branding Academy is proof that her framework works.

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