#274 – Overcoming Blindness & Starting Your Impossible with Danelle Umstead

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Imagine what it’s like to ski down a mountain at 70 miles per hour.

Now imagine what it’s like to do that BLIND.

That's what Danelle Umstead does as a member of the USA’s Paralympic Ski Team.

And most people think that's impossible.

But impossible's not a fact.

It's an opinion.

In my speeches on leadership, I've often reminded my audience that the car was imagined when there were only horses.

The airplane was imagined when there were only cars.

And the space shuttle was imagined when there were only planes.

What are you imagining now?

Remember, everything feels impossible at first, until someone does it.

So join us, and let Danelle's tremendous belief in herself through unfathomable adversity inspire YOU.

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