#269 – Can You Find LOVE And Chase Your Dreams? – Scratching The Surface

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Have you ever had a hard time balancing your work and your intimate relationship?

Have you ever found yourself on your phone or doing emails when it's supposed to be relationship time?

Or maybe you've found yourself dealing with personal matters too much when you're supposed to be working?

It can be really challenging to balance ambition and relationships because they both require time and focus.

Relationships are built on shared experiences and quality time, but what it takes to achieve your dreams is drastic.

Is it possible to do well in both? And if so, how?

Kevin and I ponder this question often, and we've come to some surprising and empowering conclusions.

If you've been having a hard time balancing your dreams and your relationship, this episode's for you.

Enjoy, and as always, be sure to reach out let us know what you think!

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