#266 – It’s Time To RISE UP with Britt Franks

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I'll never forget seeing Britt Franks in a Darren Hardy video over a year ago.

I remember thinking to myself that she's got something special, and that she's going to be a rock star in the Personal Development industry.

My very next thought was about how Darren attracts and retains such incredible talent.

I found my answer, great leadership.

Ever since, I've been studying leadership and watching a specific speech Darren gives on the topic regularly.

I've always felt like my superpower is to see potential and believe in others, and I saw SO MUCH in Britt.

It was an intuition thing.

Now here we are nearly 2 years later, and not only did we get to interview Britt, but we also got to share her very first stage with her at Top Notch Live.

Life's a trip, and we mustn't ever lose sight of what's possible when we pay attention and act on our inclinations.

Britt's a rising star, and I'm grateful now to call her a dear friend and ally.

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