#265 – Showing Warmth Vs Showing Strength – Scratching The Surface

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Have you ever wondered why some people are so warm and kind, and others aren't?

Have you ever wondered why some people can seem so cold, especially in sports or business?

Strength is tenacity, assertiveness, discipline and results.

Warmth is sincerity, honesty, kindness and love.

And they are VERY difficult to balance because usually we are way over-developed on one.

Are you righty or lefty?

Do you want to succeed in your goals but also be warm and loving in your intimate relationship?

Do you want to be kind and warm to others, but also command the respect and attention of your peers?

How do you do both, and which is needed in which circumstance?

That's what this episode's about, and we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording!

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