#254 – In The Name Of Love with Erica Risberg

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#254 – In The Name Of Love with Erica Risberg

http://allthingsinthenameoflove.com/meet-erica/ I’m Erica Risberg. Some people would define me as an historian due to my Ph.D. in Cultural History, others would say that I am a voice over professional due to my work experiences, and others would say that I am a lover of dogs. Like you, I’m a compilation of my experiences, biases and beliefs. 

The way that I would describe me is an ardent student of life.I came into this life wanting to know the answers to the pervasive question, why. Why do our biases and beliefs contribute to our developing personalty when really, we all want the same things – peace, love and prosperity? Why is fear such a stumbling block that seems so pervasive on our quest for peace, love and prosperity?

Well, since I know how to professionally research and am a professional voice recorder, it seemed natural to blend these talents to share with you what I have learned from world wide thought leaders so we both can draw conclusions from our critical thinking skills on our quest to living a more peaceful, loving and prosperous life.I’m looking forward to getting to know you too.

 Feel free to reach out to me on twitter @ Ericasvos.

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